Naptime Nanny LLC Mission Statement:

Naptime Nanny strives to provide teachers and parents with quality tools for helping young
children experience a quiet resting time through a medium that allows the child to assimilate
important life skills without interfering in the resting process.

•        To produce professional quality stories for children presented in narrated format.
•        To expose children to the tradition of fairy tales in contemporary language to which they can relate
•        To instruct children in important life lessons by highlighting the consequences of choices made by
story characters.
•        To expand children’s vocabulary by using language in context, as it fits the stories.
•        To assist children in developing listening skills, (without the aide of visual stimuli).
•        To stimulate children’s thought processes in such a way that boredom does not interrupt a quiet
time, thus allowing the child’s body to acquire needed rest.
•        To produce a line of CDs offering adults a variety of choices.

So, Where did Naptime Nanny start?

Well, my story is pretty simple actually. As a pre-school and day care teacher I had children
who were required by licensing standards to nap every day, but had outgrown sleeping.
There is plenty of support to show that children still need time to let their bodies rest even if
they don’t actually sleep. So I played classical music, children’s song tapes, even old record
albums from my own youth. Music helped some, but what the children responded to best
were the stories. I could not find any story CDs in stores that were more than ten or fifteen
minutes long.  It is not practical to get up every 10 minutes to switch a CD, particularly if that
is your lesson planning time. I have always loved telling stories to children in my class, and
often began “naptime” with a classic fairy tale. Of course I put a teaching spin on my
stories, and from that, the concept was born. I began to record stories on my own, with a
little home cassette recorder. But that lacked the level of polish commercial recordings

The idea sat idle for many years until Derrick Procell came on board. With his special touch
of music created specifically for each story, and his recording studio,
Hear and Now Music,
where I could work on my project. I was finally able to put together my first disc of
professional quality stories that lasted over an hour.   

These stories are intentionally uncluttered. There are just enough effects to keep children
engaged, and still allow their imaginations to flow within the stories. Also embedded are life
lesson, ethical values, and natural consequences. My goal is to create a full line of CDs for
children to enjoy at rest time or before bed.

Happy Napping!